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Frequently Asked Questions


Here is some basic information on Nevada and our Guide Service.






How do i book a hunt with BR?

Well Nevada is a draw state. If you are born after 1960 you will need a hunter education card to apply. You can apply for big game tags at 





What type of clothing should i bring?

Nevada is considered a high desert area. We can be hunting altitudes from 6000ft to 10,000ft depending on the animal we are hunting. Nevada's weather can change day to day and is best to dressed in layers. In the morning it can be below freezing and warm up to 60 or higher. If hunting snow any type of wool or fleece is recommended.



Can any tags be purchased over the counter?


The only Big Game tag that can be purchased OTC is a Mt. Lion tag.






What is provided in the hunt?

Our hunts are typically 7 days and all one on one hunts unless otherwise agreed on with the hunter(s) and guide. Meals and lodging are not included unless agreed upon with hunter and guide. We will fully care for the caping, skinning, packing and transportaion from Ely, NV. We have guns available if needed.




How successful is your guide service?

In Nevada we have taken over 300 bull elk with around 90% of them making the record book for Nevada. Our success rate is 95% successful with 100% opportunity. 

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